Confim produces and sells professional clothing and footwear for the high visibility and trivalent sector.
It realized personalized garment for your company, with the logos application broidered or printed.
You can choose from a wide range of items, the color, the fabric and the size you want.
Our customers fall companies operating in public and private sector.

The catalogs you will find: jacket with elastic, trouser, bib and brace, coverall, parka, polo shirt, vest, safety shoes and accessories.

Our garments meet the following standards:

  • UNI EN ISO 13688 (Protective Clothing – General requirements) ;
  • UNI EN ISO 20471 (Protective Clothing – High visibility);
  • UNI EN ISO 11611 (Protective Clothing for welding and allied processes);
  • UNI EN ISO 11612 (Protective Clothing against flame and heat);
  • UNI EN 1149-5 (Protective Clothing against electrostatic charges);
  • UNI EN 13034 (Protective Clothing against liquid chemicals).

Step 1: Choose the item and the size you want

Step 2: Browsing our fabric and color chart

Step 3: Contact us for a free estimation!

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